Crafty Christmas: Reindeer Hands

Monday, 18 June 2018

If you’re looking to get a little more ‘hands-on’ with your Christmas decorations, look no further than this super fun, personalised DIY activity that will give you something unique to put on the tree!

You will need:

  1. Brown/red craft paper
  2. Googly eyes
  3. Coloured craft pom-poms
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors


1. Trace around your family’s hands on the red craft paper, and feet on the brown craft paper.

2. Cut around the tracing so you’re left with hand and foot shapes, just like this! The foot will be your reindeer’s face, and the hands will make the antlers.

3. Give your reindeer antlers by gluing the hand shapes to the back of the head.

4. Your reindeer needs a face too, so glue on a coloured pom-pom to give it a nose, and some googly eyes so it can see!

5. Add any extra decorations as you please, and voila! You can use Kindergo’s new christmas story, Mrs Clause, to give you inspiration for the reindeer decorations.

You can tape some string on to your new reindeer friend to hang him from the christmas tree, or anywhere around the house to help raise christmas spirit!

We would love to see your creations so make sure to upload a picture and hashtag #kindergokrafts !

To enjoy more christmas-y goodness, download Kindergo HERE on the App Store and check out Holiday Island today!

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