Frequently Asked Questions
Answered by our CEO, Kristen Souvlis

Hi! Thanks so much for choosing KINDERGO for your child’s education and entertainment. And thanks for taking the time to seek out an answer to your question, instead of deleting the app in frustration! We know you’re super busy and appreciate your support!

If you have a question that is not answered here, please do reach out to the team. We’re on email every moment of every day, so we’ll get back to you quickly. 

Thanks for giving us your time and energy. We know it is a precious resource, and that you have so many options on where to spend it. With your help, we look forward to instill a love of storytelling into every child! 

Yours in storytelling, 



We only use your information to run the app. We do not forward your information to third parties. That would be terrible. We’d love to send you updates from time to time about the app and some special offers, but you can opt-out of these at any time by unsubscribing. I know that they can get annoying! Check out our Privacy Policy here if you want more info.

We’ve designed KINDERGO to have the ability to include up to 20 children at a time. So if your nieces or nephews drop by and want a turn, it’s easy to add and delete children on your single account. No extra charge!

Me too. I’ve forgotten all of my passwords, and I just changed them three minutes ago. Just go to the Forgot Password link on the app. That will take you to our reset password page.

Nope. That would be very terrible. There is no way your children can be identified through any information we store. We are in the process of getting our COPPA certification and we’ve designed the app and our information processing to be in line with all COPPA regulations. Check out our Privacy Policy here

COPPA is an American Best Practice ruleset that deals with how websites and applications collect information on children. We’re all about cyber safety, so even though we’re Australian, we’re going to comply anyway!


Absolutely! We have a teacher guide, written by our very own teacher-in-residence and amazing Product Manager, Amy! Check out our Educator Resources page to find out how.

We’d love to help you integrate KINDERGO into your childcare centre, kindergarten, school, hospital, library, or anywhere you want to educate and entertain children! Give us a shout on and we’ll chat!


Kindergo is currently available for iPad only. We’d love to do more tablets and phones, but we have to start somewhere! It is available on the following iPads:

iPad 2 (iOS 9.3.5)

iPad 3 (iOS 9.3.5)

iPad 4

iPad Air

iPad Mini

Hmm. Not sure. Try this stuff:


Make sure you’re on an iPad 2 or above. The app will not work on iPad 1.

Make sure you’re on the most recent iOS update. The app will only run if you’re on iOS 9.3.5.

Learn how to update your iOS here.

If those two things are done, it should work!


If it still doesn’t work, try the age-old method of turning the device off and on again.
If you’re still having trouble, please email us at

Unfortunately the app will not work on any phones yet. Boo! But we’re working towards that. Want it on your phone ASAP? Email us at or go to the Contact Us page!

No, not yet. Sorry, lovely Android people! But we’re working on it! It should be 6 – 8 months. Want it on your Android device ASAP? Email us at or go to the Contact Us page!

We’ll roll it out on other devices in order of demand. Want it on your device ASAP? Email us at or go to the Contact Us page!

THE APP! (14)

We’re concerned about that too. Studies suggest that screen time for children under 2 is not recommended, so we designed the app for kids aged 2 and above. We’re also developing the ability to lock kids out of the app after a number of minutes, which you set yourself in your Parent Portal.


We’re also all about offline creative play. We’re working towards building activities you can do offline with your child, like craft, discussion topics, colouring in or games, to enhance their understanding of story.


But because every moment of KINDERGO has been crafted to improve literacy, numeracy and digital literacy, at least you know that when they’re on KINDERGO, they’re not just being babysat!

No way! Books are the best! I was a massive bookworm growing up. We just know that they’re not always practical. Whether you’re in transit, on holidays, split from your kids for the night; we think the app is a great tool to increase the amount of reading you’re doing, rather than replacing the reading you’re already doing.

Our content is personally curated in-house from all over the place! We search far and wide to find the best publishers, illustrators, writers and editors to make sure every book is special.


If it’s on our app, you can rest assured that it is safe, appropriate for your child’s age group, well crafted, engaging and fun!

We use Australian English. All of our books use common Australian vernacular. For other countries, we have the ability to change this, but for Australians, our content, language use and spelling is Australian.

NO! Of course not!

No, no and no. Who lets a child loose in an app with a credit card? That is not cool.

We’d like to think not! Not unless they know your PIN! To make it easy for you and hard for them, consider making your PIN your birth year.

Awesome! Get in touch on our submissions page. We’d LOVE to hear from you!

While we’re still testing KINDERGO, we will have 15 beautifully designed books for your children to discover. That’s up to 75 reading minutes and many more repeats (who is onto the 100th read of Where the Wild Things Are?). After September 2017, we will release a new Island of 5 books every month!

KINDERGO is not a phonics app, although it may include some phonics games in the future. What we’re really focussing on is learning to read through storytelling. From birth, you’ve probably spoken, read and sung to your child. And they have spoken back to you! My first word was cockroach, which may have had something to do with the amount of toast I threw around… my poor parents!


So what KINDERGO does is mimic what you have already been doing their whole lives; reinforcing language through natural application and repetition. And this process, when applied to reading, is called DYAD reading. We love the way DYAD reading doesn’t force learning, but rather engages your child in something they love doing; listening to stories.

We work with lots of parents and education and child psychology specialists to make sure our app is play-based and developmentally sound. Check out our team here!
I’m also the CEO of Like A Photon Creative, a children’s media production company in Brisbane, Australia that works with clients like Disney and Sesame Street. We’re the people behind KINDERGO! We wanted to channel our amazing creativity into a good purpose, and helping kids read sounded like a pretty good mission. Check out our other stuff here!

Pretty please with sugar on top! The only way we improve is if our audience sends feedback. Email us, go to the Contact Us page, tweet us, Facebook us. Send carrier pigeons. Just talk to us! If you talk, we will listen.

Great question FAQers. We’ve got SO many features we want to roll out and they all involve the word MORE. More content, more interactions, more animation, more navigation, more analytics. More ways to read. More ways to play. More ways to learn. More, more, more!
Periodically, we might send out some questionnaires on features you would like to see next. Please get involved! If you have an idea for a feature you’re dying to see, email us at


Firstly, thanks for the compliment FAQ Sheet! We think our product is of a super high standard.


The whole product is free right now. It will only cost you your email address and hopefully some constructive criticism! So while we’re building our product, and getting feedback from you to improve, we won’t have any payment gateway.


In 3 – 6 months, we will have a payment gateway. Then, we will be a freemium company! Freemium is FREE + PREMIUM. (Wow! Luckily I explained it…!)


The Free Version

There will always be 10 books per month on the app for free, to be read for free an unlimited number of times. That’s heaps of content compared with other apps on the market. We want everyone to be able to engage in reading, no matter where you are or what your economic circumstance.


The Premium Version

If parents and teachers want a no-fuss, set-and-forget way to get heaps of engaging quality content, extra educational game spaces for kids and analytics on how a child is tracking, there will be a monthly or yearly subscription available.


But we will NEVER make money advertising commercial products to children or hiding purchases in the content.

Thanks for giving us your time and energy. We know it is a precious resource, and that you have so many options on where to spend it. With your help, we look forward to instill a love of storytelling into every child!

Remember, if you have any questions that not answered here, please reach out to the team or me at We’re on email every moment of every day, so we’ll get back to you quickly.

Yours in storytelling,