Discoverable Learning

Kindergo gives children from 2-7 an interactive, educational, intuitive reading experience by modelling the DYAD reading method.
With our three reading modes, Kindergo also offers parents, children and teachers more ways to read!
  • With the Read to Me function, the book is read to them, by the app, in real time.
  • The Read Together function lets parents and teachers take control of the storytelling, for bedtime or classroom stories together.
  • And our unique Tap & Hear mode allows children to tap a word and hear it individually, to empower kids to start reading themselves.

Storytelling App

Kindergo is not a phonics app, but instead puts beautiful storytelling at the forefront. Our book library is specifically designed for each unique age group between 2 and 7, captivating imaginations and nurturing early readers.
With content grouped into thematic islands, children can adventure through a storybook world, accompanied by an avatar of their own design. This avatar is a (very cute!) digital representation of the child, who provides clues, encourages discovery, and acts as a cheerleader on the child’s journey through new environments and stories.

Quality Books

Creating content should be about joy, curiosity and playful learning. We at Kindergo are passionate about this, and are proud to provide opportunities to upcoming and emerging talent within Australia. Kindergo’s book library is filled with fresh, delightful content curated by a team of writers, artists and education specialists. 
Our dedicated Kindergo team spends hours on each book. We are on a mission to foster stories that are charming, delightful, bespoke, innovative, have educational and digital potential, and will captivate our young audience.

Beautifully Designed

Taking inspiration from scrapbooking materials, and children’s arts & crafts pieces, we have created bespoke environments for children to explore. With a rich variety of textures, patterns, colours, and interactive elements, these islands can be enjoyed time and again.
Kindergo further enhances user experience with the inclusion of a pop-up page – a charming exploratory problem-solving game, handcrafted to complement each individual book on the platform. Designed with originality, simplicity, refined game mechanics, and rich interactivity in mind, the pop-up page offers something for all learning styles, from creative play and visual to auditory and logical.