Our Story

We started Kindergo because we saw a tangible and sustainable way to make a difference in the world. Sounds like lip service, but the truth is that children soak up everything they watch, read and hear around them. It informs who they’ll be when they’re adults. If we want the adults of the future to be kind, tolerant, compassionate- then we have to provide them with content that models those traits.

Change starts here. It’s that simple.


  • Nadine Bates
    Creative Director
  • Kristen Souvlis
    Managing Director

Executive Team

  • Cam Morrow
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Amy Parry
    Product Manager
  • Dewi Wahyuni
    Project Manager
  • Meagan Babore
    Digital Marketing and Content Manager


  • Sebastián González
    Content Producer
  • Simon Nordon
    Lead Designer
  • Kate Esser
    Content and Design Coordinator
  • Nick Maunder
    Lead Developer
  • Tungamirai Mangombe
    PHP Developer