Play and Story come first

"Reading enjoyment has been reported as more important for children’s educational success than their family’s socio-economic status (OECD, 2002).”

Play and Story have been woven through the learning experience of Kindergo, with discoverable goals outlined at each level of the journey. The motivation to read and learn is attributed to the desire to discover and play.

Kindergo motivates children to read for enjoyment, not because they have to for homework. When children read for enjoyment, they are more well adjusted in school, their general knowledge is better and they have better outcomes on literacy based exams.

Coupled with Kindergo’s literacy-based internal rewards system, which has been shown to be “more effective in developing reading motivation than rewards that are unrelated to the activity1”, Kindergo is a winning platform for little learners to fall in love with the magic of reading.

Read for Pleasure

Dyad Reading

Named for the smallest possible social group, a dyad, dyad reading pairs a strong reader, often a parent or teacher, with a weaker reader, often a child learning to read. The stronger reader reads and points to the words as they’re said aloud, while the weaker reader reads along aloud as well, following along and learning through context and fluency, rather than phonics and phonemes.

Simply put, a parent and child read a book together out loud, at the same time. Both readers point to the words as they’re going, without stopping for stumbles or sounding out words.

The Dyad method is the primary education method employed by Kindergo. The App itself acts as the stronger reader, leading the child through the books, pointing out INDIVIDUAL words, not just sentences, in time with a fluent voice.

“Why does it work? Your child will see the word, say the word, hear the word, and touch the word all at the same time. Because they’re also experiencing the word in context, in the flow of the book, it becomes something meaningful in their brain...All the possible inputs are working together and new connections are inevitable.” said Alysa Stewart, child literacy expert in an article for Brightly.

And it’s been proven to work.

A study done by Utah State University in 2017 showed students using the dyad reading method of reading increased their expected Lexile score by 2.5 times past their expected mid year outcome1.

Kindergo is the only literacy app to use the dyad method for reading. It’s harder to build, and needs a huge level of attention-to-detail in our technology, but we think your child’s literacy is worth it.

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Positive Screen Time Starts Here

Parents reported a level of trust with the Kindergo app and saw it as making a contribution to their child’s learning. There is a level of comfort that parents reported, specifically that they felt they could leave their child to navigate around the app independently without worrying about the content.” 

Dr Kate Williams, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education

Our partner University, QUT did a study on Kindergo and found that:

  • Parents reported trust in the app as an educational resource with no negative comments about the literacy components of the app.
  • Parents suggest that the app may have stimulated a greater interest in literacy in general for their child and may have increased their children’s skills in letter and word recognition, and the mechanics of reading including page-turning.
  • Parents found the app most useful for independent child use, particularly when parents were busy supporting older children with homework or carrying out other daily tasks.

Trust, appropriate content, literacy support and parent support is so important to the Kindergo team, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

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Lexile Levelled Books

The Lexile Framework® for Reading is a scientific approach that places both the reader and text on the same developmental scale, making it easy to connect your child with books targeted to their reading ability1.

Lexile Levels are used to grade books and students in all 50 states of the USA and in 180 countries worldwide.

Kindergo has Lexile Leveled all books, and then has grouped these books into beginner, intermediate and hard, so you know that your little learner is being delivered books that suit their age range and reading level.

Visit the Lexile Website

Using Kindergo In the Classroom

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