Charity Partnerships

Kindergo is proud to announce our partnership with Monster Crayons + Act for Kids. Monster Crayons are exactly what they sound like – four brightly coloured monster-shaped crayons, sized perfectly for little hands. 


Just like Kindergo, Monster Crayons were created by Big Kids for Little Kids.

The Little Kids at the heart of this story need our help though. 


These little monsters were brought to life by a whole bunch of good-hearted people who donated money, time, energy, expertise and lots and lots of love. They are kept alive by people like you: good-hearted people who will buy a pack to share with the ones they love. Monster Crayons packs are a great gift for people of all ages and for the person who has everything!

Purchase your Monster Crayons here

 The thing that makes Monster Crayons really special is that all profits from these little guys goes to Act for Kids and helps kids in need through various forms of therapy, including art and play therapy.

We hope that every time you draw with one, or watch a loved one draw with one, you feel proud that you helped make a child’s monster go away.



Kindergo has partnered with the The Pyjama Foundation this Christmas and school holidays to assist the organisation’s efforts in lifting literacy levels and instilling a lifelong love of learning amongst children in foster care across Australia.

From December 2018 to February 2019, a portion from all new Kindergo subscriptions will be donated to The Pyjama Foundation to support its important work with children in foster care. Children in care have the lowest education outcomes nationally. By improving their learning skills, The Pyjama Foundation is making a positive, life-long impact. The Kindergo team have also gifted The Pyjama Foundation lifetime subscriptions to ensure the Pyjama Angels and the children they care for have full access to the rich and dynamic stories and features of the app.

Kindergo Co-Founders, Kristen Souvlis and Nadine Bates said: “We firmly believe that charity starts at home. We want to help ensure that foster children in our country have equal opportunity to learn and grow with educational support, quality content and exciting digital interaction that also models all of the beliefs that we hold dear; kindness, tolerance, respect and hope. Our partnership with The Pyjama Foundation is one we are so proud to be a part of.”

To learn more about the Pyjama Foundation and the work they do click here

To give the gift of reading to someone less fortunate, download Kindergo here