“Kindergo is clearly designed for kids. I gave it to my 2.5 year old son, and he found a book he loved in moments - even better than I could!” 

- Katrine, Kindergo Parent

Our technology was designed for little explorers’ fingers. Kindergo has an intuitive navigation system, led by an adorable and customisable reading companion, Go-Go, so children can discover their favourite books, interactions and games by themselves.

Three unique ways to read


No matter what your reading level, Kindergo has an experience for all children.


The Read To Me function allows our youngest readers to hear a story read again and again. Just press the play button, and sit back as our intuitive reading system reads and highlights words, and turns pages, all the way to the end.


The Read Together function lets parents take control of storytelling. While the parent reads the words, children can look at the pictures and turn the digital pages, just like story time before bed!


And our unique Tap & Hear mode allows children to tap a word and hear it individually, empowering them to start reading independently.


This interactive, educational and intuitive reading experience is modelled on the DYAD reading method. Unfamiliar with DYAD? You can read all about it, and how we use it in our tech here!

More to explore

Our content is organised into beautiful thematic islands, such as Dream Island, Dinosaur Island and Play Island!

Taking inspiration from scrapbooking materials, we’ve created bespoke environments for children to explore. With a rich variety of textures, patterns, colours, and interactive elements, these islands can be enjoyed time and again, and get more interactive as children complete all of the books on the islands!

It’s your child’s imagination brought to life – minus their impulsive desire to eat mud.

Play. Discover. Learn. Repeat.

Kindergo has so many features to keep little readers safe and engaged to fall in love with story.

For Kids

  • A discoverable, 3D map of original books, well known authors and classic tales, with new books added every month.
  • A customisable Go-Go to read with, dress up, and sail around with!
  • Book-based stickers and word rewards given out for reading to keep kids on track.
  • 5 discoverable interactions per island.
  • New outfits for Go-Go as rewards for consistent reading.

For Parents


  • Up to 7 children on the one account
  • A parent library of over 100 books for easy navigation to your child’s favourite book (for that day, anyway!)
  • A dashboard of analytics on your child’s reading habits, so you know what they’ve been getting up to.
  • Siri Shortcut integration, so you can start story time whatever you have in your hands.
  • Screen time you can feel good about, so you can send an email, wash the dishes or finish a cup of tea before it’s cold. We can dream.

For Peace of Mind

  • All of your account information locked safely behind a parent gate.
  • Curated content, so there are never any “Up Next” nasties.
  • No advertising to kids. Ever.
  • No access to purchasing for children. Ever.
  • COPPA Compliant. Always.