Kindergo CLASSIC

Join Go-Go on a reading adventure as you journey through islands of books, to discover delightful stories, interactions, puzzles and rewards.


  • Kindergo offers the perfect head start for beginner readers, with the opportunity for at home learning.
  • Our ever growing library of books are narrated by a native Australian English speaker, with the option to read in American English available in January 2019.
  • Students will be empowered to read and learn independently with Kindergo, supported by our unique Tap & Hear mode- based on the DYAD reading method.

Kindergo ESL

The Golden Book has been stolen and destroyed by the “Evil Og-Og”, plunging the world into disarray. Learners must save the world by joining their reading guide, “Go-Go” to restore the Golden Book.

  • Learners are  immersed in English language, supported by localised language menus, and engaged in play and story.

They must build their vocabulary and test their fluency and comprehension to progress through the game.

Kindergo EDU

Kindergo EDU is a specialised version of Classic that caters to Schools, large groups, companies or bespoke customisation.

  • Offline mode, allowing students, teachers and parents to download their favourite books to read where an internet connection may not be available
  • A web portal for teachers, which reports on students reading habits and language development.  
  • Desktop compatibility, making Kindergo easier to integrate into ESL schools.
  • Voice recognition and recording, giving  students more opportunity to practice pronunciation and fluency. This will be presented as a karaoke style book reading game, giving instant feedback on pronunciation and fluency.
  • Class Kit, allowing educators to assign tasks and reading, for at home learning, via the app.
  • Add Multiple Users Teachers will be able to add up to 30 students on the one account.
  • More payment options. B2B Education partners will be eligible to receive Kindergo in the classroom for $3/student/month. Or for a once off payment of $49.95/teacher/year.