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Interactive book library for kids aged 2 - 7. Read books, discover games and interactions. Create magical reading moments. US and Australian English. Download now on iOS and Android.

Hi! I’m Go-Go!

Welcome to Kindergo! I’m ready to explore a world full of magic and story with you. Dress me up and sail me around to find beautiful islands of Lexile-levelled books, fun interactions and secret word games. Let’s go and find our magical reading moments together!

Tap and Hear Technology

There are so many ways to read a Kindergo book! Tap each word, press each page and let Kindergo’s intuitive reading technology help you, whatever reading level you’re at!

Help accelerate literacy development by up to 2.5 times!

Kindergo is the only literacy solution to use the Dyad Reading model, a method that can increase your little learner’s Lexile score up to 2.5 times!

Magic Creators

The Kindergo team

Nadine Bates


Parent, Award winning Writer, Educator, truth teller.

Kristen Souvlis


Parent, Award winning Producer, tea lover.

Cam Morrow


BAFTA Award winning game engineer, cricket aficionado.

Mariano Spiller


Projection leader, process master, guitar player.

Love for Kindergo

Customer Testimonials
"Winnie is quite a good reader and enjoys books so we will definitely use this app for some educational screen time especially over Christmas when we have some long car trips coming up."


Kindergo Parent
"[My six year old son] loved the play button where the lady reads to him instead of him having to press it. It’s a bright and interactive game that will be a big help with word and letter recognition. Great to have another educational app to help children."

Sara, Mom to Huddy

KidsInAdelaide Review
"I can see the improvement. She didn’t read out loud at all and now I hear her reading out loud in her room. It’s great"


Kindergo Parent
"My daughter loves it. And I’ve seen her sort of love how she can navigate through and find different things. She feels like she owns it, it’s like her app and it’s her thing. And because it is story based and it kind of is interactive, she really, she loves it. And I think that it sort of supports her, her love of books as well."

Parent 11

QUT Study Group
“When Mum and Dad are busy with my baby sister, I like to read Kindergo in my room with my dog. It’s good because the books are cool and I love imagining being the characters in the books…..”


7 Years Old
“This app is a gift. Keeps the mum guilt at bay when I need something to distract my son so I can get things done. I love that he is learning and also that it’s read in an Australian accent. He is totally engaged. Thank you thank you thank you!”


“Parents reported a level of trust with the Kindergo app and saw it as making a contribution to their child’s learning. There is a level of comfort that parents reported, specifically that they felt they could leave their child to navigate around the app independently without worrying about the content.”

Dr Kate Williams

QUT Study Group
"Elka was interested straight away as she loved being able to choose her own ‘island’ and book. The narrator of the books she followed along with were calm, interesting and clear. Three things I loved were: how the text was highlighted as the word was read; that the stories ranged in length and would also suit my 3 year old; that the Cinderella story made a point of Cinderella being beautiful because of what was on the inside! Yes!"


Parent of 4 year old Elka

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